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Tips to choose a long lasting carpet for your floors

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A good attractive looking carpet can add color and beauty to a home. Carpets have been an important part of home décor since time immemorial and are widely used even today. They are available in a wide array of hues, fibers, styles and designs. Nowadays, carpets are available in interesting shapes. Buyers are no longer restricted in choice by the rectangular carpets. They can choose from amongst a variety of designs, shapes and colors to enhance the beauty of their homes.

Choosing long lasting carpets

While most people choose carpets to match the décor of their homes, it is also extremely important to pay attention to its durability. In order to choose a durable carpet, it is important to have knowledge about the available options. A durable carpet may be chosen based on the following factors:

On the basis of sewing style

Carpets are created by sewing yarn strands in a backing material. Based on this, carpets can be of the following three types:

  • The soft cut pile carpets which are created by cutting yarn loops upright to match a certain size by using sophisticated weaving machinery.
  • The loop pile carpets which are created by utilizing uncut yarn loops with the help of weaving machinery.
  • The natural carpets which can be created in numerous ways by using natural fibers like sea grass, coir and jute.

On the basis of material

Various kinds of materials may be used for making carpets. The type of material used can significantly impact the durability of the carpet. The main materials include:


Carpets made of nylon are extremely popular. Nylon carpets prove to be extremely durable since they are resilient and water resistant. They can easily withstand the movement and weight of furniture. Nylon carpets provide brilliant colors which remain intact for long periods of time. These carpets effectively resist various types of stains and soils and can withstand heavy traffic. The solution dyed nylon carpets are colorfast and hence do not fade easily. Such kind of carpets are also long lasting to counter water and flood damaged carpets, easy to dry! For more on this, check out complete carpet restoration, in Melbourne – Australia.


Olefin or polypropylene can be used for making outdoor and indoor carpets. These carpets provide high durability. They are colorfast and do not fade easily. It is also easy to clean various types of stains from these carpets.


Carpets made of polyester give a soft luxurious feel. These carpets are available in excellent colors and can retain their colors for years at a stretch. These carpets provide high durability as they are easy to clean and resistant to stains that are water soluble.


Acrylic carpets look and feel like wool. They are cheaper than wool carpets and are extremely resistant to mildew and moisture. They provide an affordable and durable option.


Wool carpets are thick and extremely soft. They are available in numerous colors. They can last for a lifetime if maintained properly. They are quite expensive when compared to synthetic carpets.

Nylon – wool blend

A carpet made of nylon- wool blend provides an excellent option as the durability provided by nylon is integrated with the rich feel of wool. These carpets are less expensive than the pure wool carpets.

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