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The Two Types Of Concrete Floors – And How To Clean Them!

By on May 5, 2020 in Cleaning | 0 comments

Concrete floors are quickly becoming more popular in a variety of different settings and the same can be said for polished concrete floors, and the reasons behind this choice are as plain to see as the shine on the spectacular looking floor. At first thought, most people think polished concrete floors can only be found in the showroom of the local car dealership but polished concrete floors are popping up in all sorts of areas now a days.

When you are considering a new floor and you have it all narrowed down between stained or polished concrete floors…which option should you choose, which would be the better option for you and your space? Well, let’s break it down and compare the two types of concrete floors, shall we? And then we’ll discuss how we will clean them!

Stained Concrete Floors:

  • Because these floors are basically coated to achieve the look desired they require more protecting and more maintenance compared to polished concrete floors.
  • Stained concrete floors typically cost less than the polished concrete floors, one main reason for this is because there isn’t too much involved in the way of machinery or installation.
  • These floors are great for low traffic areas…such as a home patio, a hair salon, or small businesses. A place that doesn’t seem hard traffic constantly.

Polished Concrete Floors:

  • Typically cost between $5-$8 higher per square foot compared to stained concrete floors. Cost largely depends on the style, colour, and design being chosen. Polished concrete floors require more equipment and traditionally have a more involved installation process compared to stained concrete floors.
  • While this type typically costs more it is an investment that is sure to pay for itself.
  • Tends to be more durable than stained concrete floors, for this reason you will see polished concrete floors in high wear areas like a car dealership showroom, or the mall.
  • Easier maintenance compared to stained concrete floors.

Cleaning Them:

There is an easy way when it comes to cleaning those concrete floors. You can either contact professionals in home & office cleaning in Melbourne CBD & other locations or do it by yourself which is quite an hectic job. Or you can do it yourself. When it comes to that point, you will need to get the best cleaning products on the market that are designed to cleaning concrete floors. Regular products might not make a difference for you. So get one that is catered to concrete floors. From there, mix it with water and wash it over and over. Add some polishing products at the end of the clean so you get that shiny look that you will love. This method will help with both types of concrete floors – so you don’t have to worry about using it!

Take a good hard look at your desires and needs before deciding on the floor, but if you want our opinion we still recommend a polished concrete floor, they are built to last, look fabulous, and bring a modern and sleek look to any area they are installed in. To contact the experts in cleaning residential & commercial buildings, its easy you just click here for more details. Hear what experts have to say about your property with correct solution for it.

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